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Finally a Phone Company who cares….

13 Apr

True unlimited calls $11.99 US/Canada and 60 mins free International. Check out http://www.msitelecom.net. and start saving !!!
MSI Telecom has launched its lowest Unlimited Inmate Call ever $5.99. You can follow is on Facebook/msitelecom and on Twitter@msitelecom. I woman called the other day n could’t believe that she could speak to her loved one unlimited for only $5.99. MSI Telecom was founded by a former inmate whose family struggled every week to pay the outrages fees to talk to her. That’s why you can be assured that MSI Telecom truly cares…Check out there website



Mother talks to son after 8 years ..

15 Mar

I know of a Mother who hasn’t spoken to her son in 8 years bc she couldn’t afford the calls. Now that she has MSI Telecom they speak every Sunday 🙂